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100% online - no time wasted, no extra stress

Medical Advice

Receive general medical advice from a registered UK Doctor.

Ask any questions regarding your health concerns

Get advice from a registered UK doctor

Get a consultation within a few hours

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Fill Your Prescriptions

Request a Prescription from a registered UK Doctor.

Request new or repeat prescriptions

Delivered to your phone via SMS and email

Collect medication from your local pharmacy

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Specialist Referral

Connect with a Specialist - request a referral from a UK Doctor.

Delivered to your phone via SMS and email

Issued by a Registered UK Practitioner

Get a consultation within a few hours

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What Can Be Discussed Via Telehealth Appointments?

You'll be able to speak to your Partner Practitioner about almost anything you'd speak to an in-clinic practitioner about. This includes new and repeat prescriptions, medical advice, referrals, and medical letters.

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Submit your health information

Complete a quick medical questionnaire and book an appointment in a few minutes. This is your chance to share with your Partner Practitioner your questions and concerns, or request what you need.

How do Telehealth Appointments Work


Talk to your Partner Practitioner over phone or video

Hop on a call with your Partner Practitioner to discuss your medical needs.

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You’re all set! Receive general medical advice or a prescription from your Partner Practitioner, if suitable - all during your consultation. It’s that easy!

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Sometimes we just need to get to a specialist but it seems impossible just to get referred. We’ve made it easy to get a specialist referral letter online through a Partner Doctor to take the hassle away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I speak to a Partner Practitioner about?
You'll be able to speak to your Partner Practitioner about anything you'd speak to an in-person practitioner about. This includes medical certificates, new & repeat prescriptions, or any medical advice.
Who can use updoc telehealth consultations?
Users must be over 18 years old and be living in the UK.
Can I book a doctor’s appointment online?
Yes, you can request a doctor's appointment online with updoc. The platform offers telehealth consultations with GMC-registered UK Partner Practitioners, who assess your needs and, if suitable, can provide medical certificates, prescriptions, general medical advice, and more.
What is updoc?
Updoc is a secure, online digital healthcare platform that facilitates consultations for patients to chat with a health
How do I request a prescription online?
To get access to a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide a prescription online, you can use a platform like updoc to facilitate a consultation. The process involves completing a short digital consultation with a UK Partner Practitioner. A short telehealth consultation is conducted, and if deemed necessary by the Partner Practitioner, a prescription can be issued in minutes.
What are your hours of operation?
Partner Practitioners are online 7am - 10pm, 7 days a week. You can submit a request for a call at anytime of day, but you should expect to receive a call during these operating hours.
What if I miss the call from my Partner Practitioner?
If you miss the call from your Partner Practitioner, don't worry. You will rejoin the call list and the Partner Practitioner will attempt to call you again soon. You will also receive a text message prior to your call, to make sure you are ready to answer the call when it does arrive.
How soon can I book a call with my Partner Practitioner?
You may book an appointment with your Partner Practitioner as early as 4 hours in advance, on the same day.
When will I receive an outcome from my consultation?
If you've booked a consultation with a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide outcomes including private prescriptions, general referrals and private medical letters, you can expect to receive the outcome during or within a few hours after your appointment.

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